Tuvok The Word

Tuvok the Word is an artist who embodies and embraces the written and spoken word. Tuvok’s words are a true expression of the past, present and potentially future versions of himself. Through music, Tuvok allows his inner thoughts and emotions to come to life. 

Tuvok is focused on maintaining an honest and vulnerable approach to Hip Hop. He speaks on topics spanning from reflecting on his own personal life to greater societal issues. Tuvok creates art that makes the listener reflect on their own life as well as the story they are hearing. Tuvok the Word has the hope that, through music, his art, his family, and his people will live long and prosper.  


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FairPlay Entertainment Showcase

The Pourhouse Downtown, 2923 Girard Ave. S. , Minneapolis

Fairplay Entertainment is a premier music collective started here in the Twin Cities by Nur-D & DJ Hayes. Together they have brought together incredible talented artists to form a sort of Hip Hop Justice League!

August 13. For the first time ever, Each member of Fairplay Entertainment will be hitting the stage showing off their new music, new features, and a brand new way for artists to grow here in the land of 10,000 lakes.


DJ Hayes

Mickey Breeze

Tuvok The Word

Brandon Pulphus

Lt. Sunnie